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(IISA) as a Level One in-line skate instructor in 1996, Walter opened the Detroit Blading Company in 1997.

As a Level One instructor, he was qualified to teach the fundamentals of in-line skating. These fundamentals are based on a standardized format of teaching progressions and terminology.

Around the world, the IISA’s Instructor Certification Program (ICP) instructors use a standard methodology to teach thousands of people each year how to in-line skate. His goal then, and now, is to get the whole world on skates, one person at a time. One of his slogans is "Why Stroll When You Can Roll?”

The Detroit Blading Company In-line Skate School, LLC was founded in the summer of 1997. The Company's primary service is to provide in-line skate instructions to individuals (adults and children), youth organizations, community groups, churches, etc. The outstanding features of the program are its’ 100% money back guarantee, nominal cost and the fact that TBC supplies skates and all protective equipment so that the out of pocket cost is just the cost of the class.

TBC operates on the quid pro quo theory, something for something. Once a student has paid the fee to attend a beginner in-line skate class, they can return and audit the class for free as many times as necessary. One of the things that Walter stresses to every potential student is to "please take a lesson". Even if you’re not taking the lesson from DBC, take a lesson. One of his students, Myrna Edwards, wrote an article : (So You Think You Can Skate, Yeah Right!)  expressing her experiences in class. She wrote "…but what got my attention during one of his conversations with me was a statement he made that "if you choose not to take my class, you really need to take a class from somebody so you can learn how to do it right!” She was so impressed by that statement and his commitment to the sport that she decided to take a class and to take the class from Walter.

In 2002 Walter was selected as a “Detroit Entrepreneurial Spirit” of the Year award winner at the Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute annual awards dinner.

Playing the role of Giffy Giraffe, Walter was a giraffe on in-line skates in a stage play “Supa Dupa Babee Anti Drug Anti Violence Fight Back Tour”. The highlight of 2002 season was the performance held at the newly refurbished Music Hall in downtown Detroit.

Numerous interviews on TV and radio interviews have allowed Walter the opportunity to describe and promote in-line skating. Walter was a guest on the morning TV show Wake Up Detroit with host Detroit City Council Person JoAnn Watson and the Career Connections hosted by Judy Baruzzini.

Walter is a firm believer that you can't teach what you don't know. So, in line with that thinking, he returned to the IISA in 1999 and received his Level Two certification. As a Level Two instructor, he was taught individual problem solving and skate school management.

Walter is also an in-line racer who travels to cities around the country to compete against other 60 year old skaters. One of Walters' dreams is to develop a youth inline racing program. To prepare for this, Walter returned to the IISA and received a Certificate in Speed Skating.  He was now equipped to properly teach others the fundamentals of speed skating.

During the summer of 1997, Walter founded The Motor City Blade Runners In-line Skate Club (MCBR). He realized that after completing the beginning inline skate class, there was no opportunity for his students to “practice what they had learned”.  There were no group skates like those in other major cities around the country.  MCBR was composed of adults from all walks of life from retirees to doctors, police officers, teachers, etc. MCBR was composed of adults from all walks of life from retirees to doctors, police officers, teachers, etc. The Club provided an opportunity for seasoned as well as beginning skaters to socialize, develop skills while enjoying leisurely in-line skates in and around the Detroit Metro Area.

Also known as the "Helmet Guy", Walter encourages people to wear a helmet while on blades or bikes. He encourages parents to wear helmets themselves as a good example for their children.

No matter the reason a person in-line skates, it is first and foremost fun! He is often heard saying, “it's the most fun you can have standing up”.


Why stroll when you can ROLL?

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Occasionally you meet someone with passion, fire and a commitment for the work they do. Someone whose enjoyment of that work is evidenced by the enthusiasm they exhibit when they do it. Walter Johnson, owner of The  Blading Company, LLC, formerly Detroit Blading Company, is that kind of person. Walter is one of the pioneers in the area of in-line skating in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  He is enthusiastic about bringing these same programs to south Florida!  Walter has been an avid in-line skater since 1992 and has made a commitment to share his passion for the sport of in-line skating with others. After being certified by the International In-line Skating Association